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In 1988, the door of the Pronto restaurant opened, and with it, the door to the unfamiliar world of classical Italy opened in Israel. Rafi Adar, a young filmmaker, opened the restaurant that would later be considered the pioneer of trattorias in Israel. For 22 years, the restaurant was located at the corner of Nachmani and Ahad Ha'am streets and became a culinary and cultural institution, a warm home for Tel Aviv bohemia. Young artists and creators were waiters and bartenders.


Artists and politicians were the guests of the place, a melting pot of people for whom Pronto was a corner of escapism. In 2010, Pronto moved to its new home in the beautiful plaza at the end of Rothschild Boulevard, next to Neve Tzedek. With the transition, Chef David Frenkel joined the ship. He began navigating the ship on a personal, new, and fascinating route.


The desire to innovate on the one hand, and the respect for the preservation of tradition on the other, led him to walk the fine line between the two worlds while creating a new personal language. Italian cuisine has become the frame story within which David has created a sensitive, mature chef who cooks the true definition of Italian cuisine - a cuisine that cooks his environment and season.


The corona days were a turning point. The doors closed out of necessity, which made David decide it was the right time to complete the journey from Italy to here, and when Pronto's doors reopened a personal, confident, and fascinating menu of local cuisine was revealed.


A kitchen that looks at the raw materials around it, which change with the seasons. A kitchen that treats the raw materials with sensitivity and with the intention of emphasizing their natural properties. A kitchen that maintains a constant dialogue with place and time,
in a unique language.

The language of Pronto.


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We open for lunch and dinner
Monday to Saturday 

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